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Connect with Bonnie & Kerry at the following Live Events!

Rat Race 2 Retirement

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This Event Changed our Lives!

You are personally invited to Dallas where you’ll discover how intelligent, hard-working people, just like you, are investing in big apartment deals, getting started with no experience, and able to quit their jobs, make real passive income, and live a life of financial freedom on their own terms very quickly!

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Join us for a transformative weekend here in Dallas, Texas that could redefine your financial future in the world of real estate. Start your journey to real estate success at Weekend 2 Wealth. By unlocking the secrets of wealth building and investment strategies, including expert guidance on finding, analyzing, funding, and closing multifamily apartment deals.

Apartment Investor Mastery (AIM) Meet Up


Learn about the benefits of apartment investing. Learn more about locating, evaluating, purchasing, operating and profitably exiting apartment properties, and meet other apartment owners, operators, and investors. The purpose of this meet up to be a resource for education and networking to help you get started or grow in the apartment investing business. This is a group for anyone interested in learning how to earn double-digit returns and retire early utilizing apartment investing

No experience required.

Everyone is welcome!

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