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Houston Multifamily TV

The Best Ways to Increase Your Property Values!

Episode 10

Sumrok Interview

Bonnie & Kerry share their story of how they got started in Multifamily and where they are now.

Old Capital Podcast: 
From Corporate America
To Real Estate Investors

Bonnie & Kerry loved their corporate jobs.
They were well respected within their companies but knew they were building someone else’s dream and not working on their own. 

Old Capital Podcast: 
Multifamily Financing 101


  1. Loans Available for Multifamily Properties

  2. Recent Transactions closed

  3. How to qualify for Non-recourse Financing

  4. Top 5 Reasons to use Old Capital

  5. How to connect with Old Capital – Podcast, Facebook, Conference

Bonnie and Kerry purchased a 106 unit apartment building. Right after this podcast, she quit her job of 30 focus on acquiring apartments. Good job, Bonnie!

Kerry and Bonnie Staples – From Corporate Executives to 4500 unit Moguls

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Securing your Retirement with Brad Sumrok Apartment Investing

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