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The Kingdom REI

In this episode with Ellis Hammond, we discuss our journey in overcoming adversity within the multifamily sector.

Hear our intriguing journey and the insights we gathered along the way. 

Harder Working Money 

In this captivating episode, you will hear about the remarkable journey of Bonnie and Kerry Staples', who transitioned from IT and financial advising to successfully thriving investors.  As you listen, you'll discover the profound impact of their commitment to philanthropy and gain insights into the key elements that lead to a rewarding and meaningful life. Join the host, Brian O'Neill, as he delves into the multifaceted world of multifamily real estate investing alongside Bonnie and Kerry, the dynamic duo behind Staples Multifamily.

In this episode, we sit down with multifamily investors Kerry & Bonnie Staples. They share their story of making the leap from jobs in corporate America to becoming full-time investors. Their story is packed with timeless wisdom and investment principles.


Houston Multifamily TV

The Best Ways to Increase Your Property Values!

Episode 10

Sumrok Interview

Bonnie & Kerry share their story of how they got started in Multifamily and where they are now.

Old Capital Podcast: 

Bonnie & Kerry loved their corporate jobs.
They were well respected within their companies but knew they were building someone else’s dream and not working on their own. 

Old Capital Podcast: 

Multifamily Financing 101

  1. Loans Available for Multifamily Properties

  2. Recent Transactions closed

  3. How to qualify for Non-recourse Financing

  4. Top 5 Reasons to use Old Capital

  5. How to connect with Old Capital – Podcast, Facebook, Conference

Bonnie and Kerry purchased a 106 unit apartment building. Right after this podcast, she quit her job of 30 focus on acquiring apartments. Good job, Bonnie!

Kerry and Bonnie Staples – From Corporate Executives to 4500 unit Moguls

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Securing your Retirement with Brad Sumrok Apartment Investing

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