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Staples MultiFamily

Who We Are

Kerry Staples

Kerry worked in the IT industry for over 24 years. The last 20 years he held various positions at IBM. In May 2018, Kerry retired from Corporate America to join Bonnie full time in their multifamily business. His primary focus is acquisitions & dispositions.


Bonnie Staples

Bonnie worked in the financial investment industry for 30+ years with Merrill Lynch in Private Wealth Management. Bonnie & Kerry began investing in multifamily in 2014, shortly after, Bonnie resigned from Corporate America to focus full time on acquiring, revitalizing and elevating multifamily communities.


Real Estate Experience

The Staples have acquired over 60+ MultiFamily Apartment Complexes that represent over 10,000 units/doors. They oversee the management and financial performance of assets valued in excess of $150+ million.


Kerry and Bonnie quickly realized another great benefit created by apartment investing is the positive impact that they can have on the lives of so many others.  Not only can they help elevate the residents experience, but they also strive to provide them with a place they are proud to call home.  They are also passionate about empowering the staff to feel involved in helping to make a difference to the lives of the families they are serving.


Kerry and Bonnie make sure every property has a place for residence to connect as a community such as a playground, pool, dog park, picnic areas, or a clubhouse. Kerry and Bonnie also enlist Apartment Life, for many of their properties, to help with resident & staff care. 

Their vision all started with their simple motto:

"Improving Communities and Connecting Families"

Sumrok Students/Coaches

The Staples joined Brad's Apartment Investing Mastery group as personal students in 2014.  Attending this event gave Bonnie the tools and educational knowledge that enabled her to retire only 18 months later.


Shortly after, Brad asked Kerry and Bonnie to become part of his Coaching Team. Kerry and Bonnie feel very honored and blessed to, not only, have been able to achieve personal financial freedom, but to now, they are also able to help others achieve financial freedom through apartment investing, as well. 

Our Family

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