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why multifamily?


Real assets

Real, tangible assets that hedge against inflations and preserve capital

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Risk is spread out over many units and people need affordable places to live no matter how the economy is doing. 

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passive income

Make money while you sleep with monthly cashflow



Multifamily property appreciation can provide long-term capital gains for investors.

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tax advantages

Many Tax Advantages and Depreciation write-off's with Cost Segregation

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Retirement Funds

Invest using your self directed IRA or 401k 

our multifamily method

Conservative Underwriting
We are very conservative in our underwriting to give us plenty of wiggle room for the unexpected. We can't predict everything that happens in our crazy world but we can prepare. Our conservative underwriting helps protect our investors and investments. This has helped us meet and exceed our projections for our full cycle properties and we believe this will continue to be an advantageous tool in the future. 

Boots-on-the-Ground Due Diligence

We put our eyes on each property and complete our own due diligence along with a third party company to make sure we know exactly what we are buying. This helps limit surprises and unknown deferred maintenance which helps us maintain our budgets and projections. 

Property improvements
We strive to make each property a place residents are proud to call home. We do this with amenity improvements, unit updates, and revamping the curb appeal. 

Community Events
We not only have our property management put on community events, we  host multiple events each month to help with resident relations and retention.  We believe if we take care of our residents they will take care of our investment.

Monthly Distributions
After the property stabilizes, our goal is to send distributions each month directly to the bank account of your choosing or to your self-directed IRA account.  

Monthly Reports
We share the financial reports with our investors every month. We want our investors to be be fully informed on how their investment is doing. 

Quarterly Newsletters
In addition to the monthly reports, we provide a quarterly newsletter. This is where we provide a more detailed communications regarding projects, property performance, Cap-Ex projects, resident events, tax information or any other information we believe might be beneficial to you.  

We are constantly evaluating the properties against the market and our projections and if we believe it's in the best interest of our investors, we may sell or refinance early to get your money back into your pocket to reinvest how you see fit. If we begin the process of selling or refinancing, we will of course keep our investors informed throughout the process.  

Post Sale
Once we sell a property, we immediately return the majority of the returns to our investors.  We do hold onto a small reserve for bills not yet received, taxes owed, etc. Our goal is to completely close out the holding company as soon as possible after the sale.

Award Winning
We have won the NAA Excellence Award for Small Community of the Year as well as the HAA Honor Award for Small Community of the Year. 
We received these awards for "exemplary service to the residents and community." We are so proud of these awards as we believe it affirmations that we are living our motto and taking care of our residents as well as our investors. 



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